Title: Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart

Artist: Ariana Grande

Played: 573,621 times


the Bondagebear twitter has to be Harry I mean the bio is “here, there and everybear”  


the proof is in the pun


play this at my funeral


@KodalineRoadieGrand night that.. Few interesting faces out and about @Harry_Styles was on form, sound Lad. (x)


Do you ever cry when your favorite band interacts with your favorite person? I do.

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Harry Styles as a father (sound might be on mute when you play it just click it on)


hey guys wanna hear about this time where i told my mom that i’ll see harry get pantsed in 3D and she asked me if he had underwear on and i said yah and she literally responded “then what’s the point”


why does harry close one eye when he hugs people? WHY? why does harry do a little cough after the hair thing? WHY? why does harry always stand like a five year old in her new party dress? WHY? why does harry’s nips pop out a lot? WHY? why does harry’s hair defy gravity? WHY? why is harry so perfect? WHY?


what’s that little book in Harry’s hand is that like a journal does Harry Styles actually have a journal does he write about his day or write poetry or song lyrics oh my god guys ??? GUYS??? 


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